Subject Line: Top 10 HR Technology Trends For 2014

Subject Line: Top 10 HR Technology Trends For 2014

August 9th, 2013 

tonyArticleHere is an interesting article in Forbes magazine I thought I would share with you to get your thoughts.

Here are some of my thoughts:

In bullet #2. The article states Gamification is here to stay especially with Millenials (Gen-Y).  Isn’t that just a fancy name for providing recognition and identifying a prize for successfully completing an important project?

Bullet #3 states that integrated social media is better for communication and collaboration:

In my opinion this is where things are going and you better accept this.  I talk about this with the

Generation Y or Millenial generation in my ebook “7 Killer Mistakes that Keep Top Performers from Ever Joining Your Company”

In fact I am working with a company that is creating new business software for CIOs that is built on a collaboration platform taking advantage of the FaceBook experience for collaborative decision making and to document stakeholder information that was used in the decision making process for accountability purposes down the road.

In talking to CIOs they used to fight BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). This when employees bring their own smartphones, Ipads, etc. to work and prefer to use them if the company does not issue them one.  Most CIOs now have accepted this as a way of life and have adapted their policies and IT infrastructure to deal with it.  HR must do the same.

Bullet #4. states the importance of Virtualization of the workplace: How long have we been talking about telecommuting in HR?  How many companies are still fighting this? Companies on the coast have been doing this for years because they have to do this to obtain the top talent they need. I know people working out of their homes that are employees of Google reporting to bosses in California. This is becoming a big deal in attracting Top Talent to your company. The smart companies find a way to make this work and are therefore getting the Top Talent they need to move their companies forward.

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