The Shadow IT Threat

The Shadow IT Threat

December 7th, 2013


Shadow IT is the next big issue for CIOs to figure out and tackle since addressing BYOD (“bring your own device”) if they want to stay relevant and keep up with the pace of business.

 I read this article in Information Week and I think you might find it interesting.

 The article:

 ·         Describes the unique challenges CIOs face with sprouting shadow IT groups in organizations, even in an era of strong information governance.

·         The advent of what started Shadow IT

·         How it disrupts the enterprise architecture consonance

·         Creates future technology support issues

·         Corporate risk around security and compliance.

 How are you addressing this challenge in your organization? Please let me know your thoughts.

 Finding top talent for your team is key to meeting your business objectives. Let me know if want to discuss your challenges in that area.

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