Springtime Preparation for Hiring the Best

Springtime Preparation for Hiring the Best

April 27, 2015


I have the good fortune of doing what I enjoy most – helping people in companies across the country get the right talent on board to take their department, and business, to the next level.

Since most companies kick off hiring in the spring, I thought you might benefit from one of my “trade secrets” to engage and attract top tier talent in today’s marketplace.

Many companies have a recruiting process designed for efficiency (getting candidates through the process quickly) rather than hiring top tier candidates. They also create job descriptions defining a particular person’s background rather than the position’s successful outcomes. Instead of listing the desired skills and requirements with the standard 5, 10, or 15 plus years of experience bullet points, how about writing a position description for hiring a person that can do the work of someone with 5, 10, or 15 plus years of experience?

Frequently, top tier people in any industry have less experience than their peers. That is what makes them top performers! Screening candidates on “years’ of experience” leaves a big hole in your net. Hiring managers need to expand their thinking about trying to hire a person just like themselves or someone else on their team. Rather, they should focus on what a person needs to do to be successful in the position. This paradigm shift in thinking could make a big difference in filling your next opening.

Keep in mind that Top Performers (our targeted top tier candidates) are generally the top 1/4 of the working population and they are almost never unemployed. In addition, they are very passive about looking for new opportunities because they are usually well employed and focused on their work.

Nobody I know has a surplus of top tier candidates in their database. One must go about finding, engaging, and recruiting them differently. It is not an easy task and it takes more time and effort. However, your ROI from having top tier candidates on your team is well worth the extra time, effort and money.

Let me know your thoughts and experiences with this approach. If you would like to learn more, I’m only a keystroke away.

Tony Bengtson, SPHR
Precision Recruiting, Inc.
CTRN Founder and President
Coors Corporate Gold Supplier Award Recipient
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