Candidate Testimonials

Candidate Testimonials

Comments from successful candidates

I worked with Tony both as a potential recruit coming in to a company and as a hiring manager. He is an outstanding recruiter and was always a pleasure to work with. He was excellent at communicating status and following up on key issues. Over time, I have worked with many recruiters, and Tony stands out as a consummate professional.”  John Weger, VP Process Excellence

Joel Gendelman, CEO, Future Technologies Inc.

Tony is a consummate professional. He originally placed me in a management position over 10 years ago. Even though we had not really spoken since then, Tony remembered me when another assignment that was appropriate for my talents emerged. Not only does Tony remember, but he knows his stuff. I unquestionable recommend him to any candidate or employer. Joel Gendelman, CEO, Future Technologies Inc.” 

Gloria Zamora, VP Human Resources, Coors Brewing Company

Tony and I worked together at Whirlpool Kitchens. Several years later, he introduced me to Coors Brewing Company. As a result, I was hired as Vice President of Human Resources for Container, Operations and Technology. Tony is very skillful in understanding employers’ needs and identifying talent that matches not only their experience requirements, but also fits the culture. I highly recommend Tony as an executive level search consultant. Gloria Zamora, VP Human Resources, Coors Brewing Company” 

Mary K. Brennan, Manager, Project Management Office, Coors

“The relationship that has developed between myself and your firm over the years is such that I view you as an integral part of my career development. Thanks again for your honesty, ethics, and friendship. It is nice to know I work with the best.” Mary K. Brennan, Manager, Project Management Office, Coors

William C. Brew, Plant Finance Manager, Johns Manville

“The Team of Professionals at PRI are truly exceptional. They assisted me in quickly identifying and acquiring the career opportunity I had been searching for. Tony worked closely with me each step of the recruiting, interviewing, and hiring process to ensure everything worked smoothly and my career goals were accomplished. I would highly recommend working with PRI as a valuable Team member who will help you succeed in your career search.” William C. Brew, Plant Finance Manager, Johns Manville 

Nicholas Wright, Senior Ruby on Rails Developer at SelectHub

Tony initially contacted me with an excellent opportunity which I ended up accepting. Historically I’ve ignored recruiters in general, but he was able to cut to the chase and provide me with a quick and painless screening process that allowed me to easily gauge my fit with the company. He was very conscious of constraints on my time and worked hard to separate the necessary details from the cruft. If I have any recruiting needs in the future, Tony is definitely at the top of contacts list. I was very satisfied with the service he provided and am quite pleased with my new home. Highly recommended. Nicholas Wright, Senior Ruby on Rails Developer at SelectHub” 

Mario Magaña , Senior Business Systems Analyst at KE Andrews

In my short career, I’ve had many encounters from recruiters who were hired to fulfill positions at companies I was interested in. By far, the majority of the so called “professionals” really had no clue what the position requirements meant or to at the very least, be able to translate the position requirements the companies were seeking. Right from the start, Tony impressed me with his understanding of the company I was applying for and the type of person they were seeking for the position. I’ve come to find out that this is not the norm amongst the so called “Professional” recruiters out there! Before and after I accepted the job, Tony maintained constant contact with me to ensure that everything is going smoothly and to let me know he’s available if I have any questions or if I need anything. Without a doubt, I would hire Tony in a heartbeat to find me the right person for the position for the position that I’m looking to fulfill! Mario Magaña , Senior Business Systems Analyst at KE Andrews” 

A. R., Senior Chemical Engineer, Cameco

“Tony provided the best professional recruiting experience I’ve had in 20+ years of engineering career development. Most impressively I didn’t encounter the typical uniformed recruiter attempting to reinterpret my credentials to accomodate some inappropriate job opening.” 

Dan - National Accounts Sales, Pentax

“Tony at Precision Recruiting came along and rescued me from yet another dead-end job search. What’s more, is that the entire process moved so quickly. The thing that really goes a long way with me, is the fact that Tony still stayed in contact with me AFTER I started my new career. I consider Tony at PRI a true friend and a great mentor.” Dan – National Accounts Sales

Liz, SAP Senior Business Analyst

“It was an absolute pleasure dealing with PRI and I can confirm everything already said by the other happy jobseekers. I got exactly the position I was looking for despite having just moved to Colorado and wanting to make a lateral career shift. Tony understood my skills and experience and was able to match that to the requirements of the client. The timing was also managed perfectly since I was close to having to make a decision about another opportunity. My questions were answered promptly and honestly. PRI’s professionalism and experience created the perfect match for both employer and employee.” Liz, SAP Senior Business Analyst

Tammy Robb, Senior Oracle Business Analyst, Gates Corporation

“What an amazing experience I have had with Tony at Precision Recruiting. First off, you were able to read between the lines on my resume and contact me for an ideal position, even when I was headed down a less desirable path. Second, you paved the way for an amazing interview by really listening to what both my future employer and I wanted. I especially appreciate that you all were able to make a good match for our personalities, working styles and experience. You guys considered the WHOLE picture and went the extra step to make a good fit, the whole while keeping in touch with me in integrity and professionalism. You have raised the bar for recruiting services!” Tammy Robb, Senior Oracle Business Analyst, Gates Corporation

J.E.S., Senior Accountant

“If you’re looking for a company to help you with your career goals, Precision Recruiting (PRI) is the one you’ve been searching for.  I have had a wonderful experience with the service provided, and the immediate attention given to every question I’ve had along the way.  The contract position that PRI found for me turned into permanent employment as a Senior Accountant.  My experience and skills were matched perfectly to the company that has hired me full-time.  I whole-heartedly recommend the professionalism and personal attention you can find with PRI.” J.E.S.

Professional Commitment to Candidates

A candidate who is recruited by Precision Recruiting, Inc.:

Will be told the nature of the relationship between Precision Recruiting, Inc. and our client company, how and when the search process will be conducted, and our role in the search process.

Receives confidentiality. Discretion is used at all times when we share information about the candidate to a prospective employer. We will also honor the candidate’s request that specific information not be disclosed to the client. Precision Recruiting, Inc. will present a candidate’s credentials to those searches that most closely match his/her qualifications.

Must also be made aware that we are authorized by the client company and may choose not to present any candidate based on a professional judgment that the candidate is not qualified or appropriate for the client company’s position. Candidates who are not offered the position can expect that their files will be kept confidential.

Will be provided specific and accurate information about the position prior to the initial interview. This information will include: job title, company background, business conditions, reporting relationships, location, and responsibilities of the positions.

Can expect that we will communicate our opinion of the impact on the individual’s career should they join the client company in the specified position.

Must be informed that all offers are contingent upon successful completion of reference checks or special testing as requested by the client company. Reference checks will not be completed without the candidate’s approval. No action will ever be taken by us to jeopardize the candidate’s present position.

Will be kept informed of your candidacy status in a candid and timely fashion.

Should expect to be contacted monthly for at least the first six months after joining our client company to ensure that any adjustment problems on either side are handled appropriately.