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Client Projects

Your company’s human capital is the most treasured asset.

When looking to expand this asset with Top Talent, companies like yours would do well to partner with a trusted and dependable resource. Below are samples of what Precision Recruiting has done for companies like yours.

Western Area Power Administration (DOE Electric Utility)

The CEO search for Western Area Power Administration (WAPA) we completed serves as a typical example of our strong proficiency in difficult executive searches. This search was completed in less than 30 days. To fully appreciate what we accomplished, consider the following: this was a government (DOE) position and it was paying about half of the private industry salary. Check out our performance metrics:

  • We presented 5 qualified and genuinely interested executive candidates
  • 9 candidates from other sources applied directly to WAPA and passed the initial screening process
  • After formal teleconference interviews, 4 candidates were selected for onsite interviews in Washington, DC with DOE Secretary, 3 of the candidates were ours and the other was an internal federal employee.
  • The CEO position was awarded to one of our candidates.

Confidential client (healthcare supply chain industry)

Precision Recruiting, Inc. (PRI) was engaged over multiple years to fill critical product management positions for their brand new product line: Executive Directors of Product Management / Consulting Services, Product Managers and Architects, Implementation Managers, Enterprise Healthcare Software System Design Architects, Tier-3 global support Engineers, and Specialty Clinical Analysts.

Meeting Sciences, Inc. (Start up Company)

PRI was contacted by the founders of this company and conducted their CEO search.

AIMCO – (nation’s largest apartment investment management company)

Eight Month Project – PRI was hand selected by the Director of Staffing to work on several company-wide, mission-critical staffing projects. The goal was to establish desperately needed credibility for the staffing department with other major departments across the company. Projects included identifying and providing solutions for the staffing “disconnects” across the company. PRI provided production-staffing support to fill a variety of key corporate positions in MIS, Customer Service, Accounting, Finance, Dispositions, Acquisitions, Operations, and Redevelopment. Precision Recruiting worked exclusively with the national Construction / Redevelopment Services SVP to build out and double his department nationally. Accomplishments included filling 5 VP positions and saving the client the enormous expense of executive search firm fees. Precision Recruiting also worked with the Director of Staffing to successfully build and staff his recruiting department from scratch. Supplied highly experienced and revered staffing professionals on a contract basis who have been converted to full-time employees because of their proven performance. The staffing function has changed from a loosely run decentralized process to a highly efficient and respected centralized process now controlled by the Director of Staffing. PRI also provided temporary employee placement and payrolling services to AIMCO.

Coors Brewing Company

Initially hired for an 18-Month Project – Precision Recruiting (PRI) was recruited by the Director of HR to manage the staffing process of their company-wide, mission-critical Y2K project, during a time when qualified resources were extremely limited. The project included working with IBM who was co-managing the project. Since then PRI has filled over 25 full-time salaried and numerous contract positions from Analyst to Vice President in Finance, Marketing, IT, Security and Human Resources. PRI was awarded the Coors Corporate Gold Supplier Award for outstanding service.

Cameco (mining)

Cameco is the largest uranium production mine in the United States. Prior to this time the price of uranium was relatively low, but it spiked significantly in late 2007 through 2008.  As a result, quite a few start-up uranium mining companies opened up and recruited away key personnel from Cameco which left them vulnerable. Precision Recruiting, Inc. was brought in to quickly find qualified replacement Senior Level Professional personnel that could “hit the ground running”.  The challenge was not only to find qualified candidates that possessed the required college degrees and industry experience in a highly competitive marketplace, but also those that would want to live in the small remote mining towns of Wyoming and Nevada that were in rural areas. PRI ended up filling 10 full-time salaried Senior Level Professional positions and one Senior IT Executive position (for the parent company  in Canada)

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

In 2010 PRI was contacted to fill mission-critical Program Analyst positions to manage the new ARRA (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act) duties including: managing contract awards, assistance agreements, and management obligations of funds within the required time frames and reporting. Fourteen senior level contractors have been placed since then in various positions with everyone getting extensions on their original contracts. PRI was rewarded with a five-year contract.

Rhythms NetConnections (national DSL service provider)

Two Year Project – At the time, industry analysts referred to this company as the “Darling of the CLEC Telecom Companies”. The company was highly revered and grew from 200 to over 2000 employees in just two years. Precision Recruiting was selected early on to jump-start the recruiting process and develop successful recruiting strategies for the most demanding departments throughout the company. Departments included: MIS, Network Engineering, Marketing, Sales, Business Integration Group, and their prized Six Sigma Quality / Process Improvement Department – Successfully recruited 53 Six Sigma Black Belts and Master Black Belts from across the nation to build out their department. No outside recruiters were ever utilized to fill any of these positions, thus ensuring the lowest cost per hire possible for this client! In addition, PRI was the longest tenured recruiting firm for this client. PRI assisted in the management and development of the recruitment team by recruiting some of the best recruiters in the area. Overall cost per hire for the team averaged around $1500. PRI successfully recruited 90 high-speed data communications salespeople within a 5-month period that resulted in the sales department being 150% of projected sales goals.

StorePerform Technologies - (Denver based start-up, acquired by RedPrarie)

Eighteen Month Project – PRI was hand selected by the CEO and CTO of the company to help them grow their employee base from 20 employees to 100 in a year.  After 18 months PRI helped grow the company to 150 employees.  Positions included Sr. Network Engineers, Sr. Professional Services Project Managers, Application Support Engineers, Sr. J2EE/Weblogic/WebSphere Engineers, Department Managers / VPs, and Sales.  End result, this client met its ramp-up staffing goals and reached cash-flow positive status by its third year in business and acquired by RedPrairie.

Kinetic Concepts, Inc. (global medical device company)

KCI was in the middle of a global Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) upgrade to the latest version (R-12) and consolidating all the separate instances of Oracle EBS into one single global instance. KCI partnered with IBM who supplied a lot of consultants to help KCI with this large project. KCI was struggling with finding qualified candidates for some of the hardest to fill Senior Level Professional positions in the IT industry today. PRI was brought in to help KCI quickly fill several mission critical Senior Professional Level and Team Lead level Information Technology (IT) positions for the global IT department at the KCI HQ office in San Antonio, TX. Timing was crucial because these positions needed to be filled “just in time” to take advantage of the knowledge transfer from the IBM consultants that were rolling off. PRI successfully filled seven positions for KCI.